The Boathouse

After a delicious brunch this morning at Finlay & Sons in Inglewood, we took a drive to Kings Park. The flowers were beautiful, it rained a little and it was overcast. We finished the trip off with a quick photoshoot at the iconic Crawley Boathouse.

French Toast

For those of you that are of the ‘gluten free’ (GF) variety, Finlay & Son’s is one of our go-to’s. Both John and I have an allergy, so eating out with us is very tiresome (for us and our friends), having to have the ‘what’s gluten free?’ conversation. At Finally & Son’s they have taken out all the guess work and more importantly the majority of their food is GF or they have a gluten free option (GFO). They make almost everything in house and all of their produce is local! The chef is a a very good friend of ours and if you are a Beaufort Street local, you will recognise some the lovely front of house folk.


After breakfast we nipped off to surprise JB’s folks with a wee trip to the Aboriginal Art Gallery at Kings Park, we weren’t allowed to take photos of the gallery itself but the flowers outside sure were beautiful!


Next stop was the iconic Crawley Boatshed. We drive past this baby every Saturday to go sailing and I have always wanted to stop. Today we did!




This little number has garnered quite a lot of attention today. I bought it from Fi & Co in Northbridge a little while ago, the top is from H&M, the hat I bought today from the Good Sammy’s on Beaufort Street, Inglewood and the shoes are from Kmart. I am always on the hunt for flat brown shoes!


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