Serpentine Falls

About three weeks ago, I was impatiently awaiting the arrival of @pugthepoppy our adorable, now 12 week old pug puppy. I was particularly frustrated as I’d anticipated getting her a few days earlier and received the devastating news it may be ‘at least a week’ before we got her. To take our mind off things I suggested a romantic drive, in Miss Morris of course, to Serpentine Falls.



The drive itself took 45 mins, straight down the freeway, pretty easy. Entry was $13, and it came with comedy, the Aboriginal Park Ranger accidentally said to the car with an Aboriginal family inside it, that the kangaroos weren’t for eating, she meant, feeding, we all had a chuckle.

We had a wonderful picnic planned along with some bubbles but had to leave pretty soon after, it was freezing! We stopped off at the adorable Anglican church for an obligatory shoot then headed to Pinjarra to suss out the wee town, neither of us had been.


JB is wearing striped t-shirt from Culture Kings, vintage Levi’s from Woodstock, NY and a pair of old cons from home.




I bought this adorable dress about three years ago from Deerfield Vintage, it’s a vintage, hand painted Ruth Clarage dress and it’s incredibly comfortable!

Pinjarra itself doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, especially on a Sunday, but it does have a gorgeous little water front area and a cute little church with a sweet graveyard to stroll through.



After or little exploration, chatting with some locals and finally popping the bubbles we headed back to town to get some fish and chips.

The best and only GF fish and chips that I know of is Carlisle Fish and Chips on Archer Street. It is run by a little old Asian man and his sweet daughter. He always personally thanks you for your business and ‘hopes to see you again, soon’. It is like taking a step back into the 80s and of course, they only take cash!


We took it all down to the South Perth foreshore and to top the whole day off, received a call from the breeder, we could pick Poppy up tomorrow! Yippee!!





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