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‘Miss Morris’

This is the story of Miss Morris, an egg shell blue little 1960s number that was pined over for many years and purchased on a whim.

In April 2017, we were driving back from Pemberton, passing properties, with what I like to call ‘graveyards’ for vintage cars and JB said to me ‘keep an eye out, you might spot a Morris!’. I did keep my eye out, but it also wandered on over to gumtree.com.au and just three hours earlier a dream had been posted for a pretty penny or two; I phoned them up immediately and said ‘hold it, do not let anyone else come see it, I’ll be there in an hour’.

We arrived in Kalamunda and a lovely old English chap called John (I seem to only know men called John or some other language equivalent) was presenting this wee Morris. He’d saved her from the scrap heap and bought her for $75, 16 years ago, restored her to her current condition and was only selling her as he had another Morris, as well as a Rolls Royce , plus a VW (as his modern car). I handed him $500 and told him I’d be back in a couple of days with the rest…

Thursday came around and naturally I had planned the perfect outfit to collect Miss Morris in. I had convinced my friend Alicia to give me a lift to collect her but on that morning she phoned me in a panic and said she’d locked her keys in her house and couldn’t come get me. I was not to be held back from Miss Morris! So, I loaded up my back back with a load of tools to break into her house and caught an uber. After trying to kick her back door in, I managed to simply crawl into the house through a window. We drove there listening to 90’s rap and arrived just in time…and that is how the adventures of Miss Morris began.

Breaking into Alicia’s house in the perfect ‘collecting the car of my dreams’ outfit

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